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阿里巴巴上市后 马云机智回答记者犀利提问

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  via 中国日报及观察者网Reporter: Here with Alibaba chairman and co-founder Jack Ma, the man himself, congratulations! First of all, you believed that Alibaba could be big, even when the Internet was in its earliest and roughest form. What do you have to say to the people who thought you were crazy?


  Ma: Yeah, I think you know, as we give the souvenir today, that everybody should have a dream, what if that dream comes true? So I believed 15 years ago that Internet is gonna change China, and is gonna improve the world. Whether you believe or not, whether we will succeed or not, but somebody would succeed. So if you don't work hard, if you don't keep on working everyday, nobody has a chance. So, I never know we will be here today, so…(shrugs)


  Reporter: What would you do with all this new capital? Would you buy Yahoo?


  Ma: Well, I don't know. Would they sell?


  Reporter: Would you consider it?


  Ma: No, I think the very important thing is, we want to build up a company, not buying company. We want to make sure that our ecosystem help the "small guys". Anything that can help small businesses grow, we would consider.


  Reporter: Have you spoken with Marissa Mayers? What were you talking about?


  Ma: We talked a couple of months ago, and yesterday she sent a nice email to me (for) congratulations and thanks.


  Reporter: What is the biggest challenge of being a global company and dealing with the Chinese government?


  Ma: Well, being a global company, dealing with any government is difficult. So it's a great opportunity if you deal with the government well and communicate with them, listen to their problems, solve their problems, tell them your problems, that's the opportunity for communication, that's what we've survived the past 15 years. All we are trying to say (is), "in love with the government but don't marry with them". I mean, this is our philosophy. Making sure that you solve the problem they want to solve.


  Reporter: US expansion you've said is very important, what's the timeline? When will we see you expand significantly in the United States?


  Ma: We already start helping a lot of small business in the US, in California, in Washington State. We sell American cherries, we sell Alaska seafood, and we want to sell more things. We are coming here not to compete, we are coming here to help a lot of small business, which I think lot of things need to be done. It is not a competition.


  Reporter: Someone suggest a joint adventure with Amazon, would that ever happen?


  Ma: Oh, really? I heard about it from you! I've never heard about that! I will be interested talking. As always, anything, anybody that involving helping small business, we will be excited.


  Reporter: You've got a lot of US companies trying to expand in China, a lot of US companies have failed in China, yet CEOs' tag is "we're going there and trying to get a leg up". What kind of mistakes are they making?


  (此处插播,这句话美女记者语速超快,考验听力的时刻到了!如果亲们看的仔细,会发现视频中的翻译也少了一句。微信君起初听写时,写的是"yet CEOs and technicians are going there and trying to get a leg up",此种说法得到了英国专家Brian Salter的肯定。但是据微信君的同事,十分爱钻研的SYM同学所说,她说的其实是"yet CEOs' tag is we're going there",tag的意思是"标签",美国的CEO们都给自己贴上了去中国淘金的标签。连外专都听不清的发音,亲们就表纠结了!微信君还是来解释下trying to get a leg up的意思吧。据Brian解释,这个词组是jump up a level rather than start from the very bottom的意思,请亲们自己体会^_^)

  Ma: I think, you know, they should send entrepreneurs there. Every market, if it is a market economy, you have to make sure you have entrepreneurs there, not only the professional managers. My view is that try to make your customer happy instead of making your boss happy. And making sure send people there understand market, have patience and have the time to do that. And what we want to do is that we want to help a lot of small guys because big guys are already in China. Small guys they need help like us. And this is what we feel excited about.


  Reporter: Alibaba is successful in part because it is so diverse and so sprawling, I am curious, what's kind of business ideas have you said "no" to?


  Ma: I'm saying "no" to a lot of ideas because as a CEO I have to say no to opportunities because if I say yes I probably get 5,000 opportunities every day. But whether yes or no, everything based on the mission that we are helping doing business easier. If it's on that we'll consider. If somebody come and say can you… we will… we'll make a lot of money, I'm not interested.


  Reporter: You stepped down as CEO a couple of years ago, and you are now executive chairman. Are you really the CEO, still?


  Ma: No, I'm the chairman. I focus my time on training, developing people. I focus my time on government relationship with all the nations that helping small business. I focus my time on global expansion. That's all strategic thinking. I don't do any, you know, this kind of operation work.


  Reporter: You surprise us all the time Jack, what's your next surprise?


  Ma: Well, it's coming.


  Reporter: How are you going to celebrate with your co-founders?


  Ma: Well we had a big dinner last night and everybody cried. And we said, well, you know, 15 years, we never know that we could of through. Who are the people we should be thankful? We say we thank the customers, we thank the young. That's the people, not us. So that's why we put the young people there, the customers, because we believe after 15 years the purpose of working so hard is that we want to make these people successful because when they're successful, our success is a result.


  Reporter: You love to sing at Kalaok party?


  Ma: Yeah I do, but I don't have time. I will try to squeeze more time when I am getting old. Sometimes I will sing again.


  Reporter: All right, I'd love to hear it. Jack, congratulations!



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