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放假出国旅游,不能不知道这些跟旅馆沟通的英文技巧! Book a hotel room without a single glitch

Words to Know 一定会用到的词库:reservation agent:预订代理front desk agent:柜台代理concierge:看门人bellhop:侍者hotel manager:饭店经理lobby:大厅elevator:电梯stairs: 楼梯emergency exit:紧急出口check in:入住check

Words to know 一定会用到的词库:

reservation agent:预订代理

front desk agent:柜台代理



hotel manager:饭店经理



stairs: 楼梯

emergency exit:紧急出口

check in:入住

check out:退房

airport service:机场接送服务

shuttle service:接驳车服务

laundry service:洗衣服务

room service:客房服务



放假出国旅游,不能不知道这些跟旅馆沟通的英文技巧! Book a hotel room without a single glitch

continental breakfast:欧陆式早餐

full breakfast (American breakfast):全套早餐

vegetarian meals:素食

vegan meals:全素的餐点

standard room:标准房间

deluxe room:豪华房

superior room:高级房

family suite :家庭套房

honeymoon suite:蜜月套房

adjoining rooms:相邻的房间

connecting rooms:连通房

wheelchair accessible:无障碍

special request:特殊要求

rack rate:门市价

promotion rate:促销价

group rate:团体价

guaranteed reservation:预订保证

upgrade: 升级

cancellation policy:取消政策

cancellation fee:取消手续费

service is excellent :服务是优秀的

service is satisfactory:服务是令人满意的

service is unsatisfactory:服务是不令人满意的

1. Explain your needs in detail  详细说明你的需要


(O) We have two adults and three children under twelve, and we need a family suite, or two connecting rooms, for four or five nights starting on July 7th. My daughter is walking with crutches because she hurt her foot playing soccer. Please put in the request that we need to be close to the elevator, the children need separate beds, and a spacious bathroom.


(O) And one more thing, my wife is a vegan. If breakfast is included, will there be a variety of food for her?


(X) We have a family of 5, and need to stay for at least 4 nights. One of us is not really mobile. We do not want rooms that are separate, and don’t put us at the end of the hallway, that will be way too much trouble.


(X) Will breakfast cost extra? Continental breakfast won’t be enough for us. Some of us eat meat, some don’t.


2. Safety is the top priority when you are traveling alone



(O) I am calling to see if you have any rooms this Saturday, for one night? I need to attend a HR convention in Manhattan. Please tell me if you provide pick-up service at the airport, and are you within walking distance to the 36th Street subway station? And will it be okay for me to walk around the neighborhood at night?


(X) Hi, do you have any rooms over the weekend. I can’t believe all the hotels in Manhattan are either booked or way too expensive. Please don’t tell me you are in a bad neighborhood. I don’t know how will I get to my meeting on the west side of Central Park from Brooklyn, can you tell me?


3. Find out if the room rate changes over the weekend



(O) I was thinking about checking in on Thursday August 9th, and stay for three nights. But my schedule is flexible. If I check in on Monday August 6th, and stay for four nights, will the rate be less expensive? I prefer to stay longer if you can advise me of any promotions.


(X) I am looking for a room for three nights or longer. I’ll be there the first or second week of August. I heard your rate goes up sky high during the weekends, is that true?


4. When there is a problem 不满意的时候


(O) I just checked in. I am in 303. There must have been a mix-up. Housekeeping didn’t finish cleaning the room. The bed is not made, there is garbage, and the bathroom floor is wet. I am exhausted from my flight. Please assign me a different room that’s also nonsmoking with an ocean view.


(X) Excuse me! I don’t know what kind of business you guys are running. The room you gave me is disgusting! Your housekeeping department is incompetent. I just got off a 12-hour flight, and you expect me to put up with this! What are you going to do?