det. 那个,那;

pron. 那个,那;

conj. 多么;如此…以至;用于某些动词、形容词和名词后,引出各种从句;

adv. 不那么;那样;



  • 1、

    It is a fallacy to suppose that riches always bring happiness.


  • 2、

    His performance at the concert last night proved that he is in the top flight of international pianists.


  • 3、

    If you close that door, you can shut the noise in.

    你要是关上那扇门, 就听不到吵闹声了.

  • good luck with that什么意思?是祝你好运吗?

    good luck with that什么意思?是祝你好运吗?

    每当要参加比赛或者面试等事情的时候,作为朋友,我们一般会祝福对方,在英语里面一般是用这个词Good luck!这个词就是祝你好运的意思,相信大家都清楚。不过,如果别人说Good luck with that的时候,可不要盲目地异味别人是在祝福我们。g
    Brazil electoral dismisses case that could have ousted presi

    Brazil electoral dismisses case that could have ousted presi

    Brazil's top electoral court dismissed a case on Friday that threatened to unseat President Michel Temer for allegedly receiving illegal campaign funds in the 2014 election when he was the running mate of impeached P


    Now that married couples in China are allowed to have a second child, whether they are willing to do so is essential to the nation's plan of tackling the problems on ageing population and labor force.However, a recen


    1. Why that two-timing!为什么那么不专情。2. Don't let it get you down. There are plenty of fish in the sea。别让这件事影响你的情绪。天涯何处无芳草。3. Are you cheating on me? Because I've been hearing some rumors。你是不