n. 身体;尸体;团体;物体;

vt. 赋予形体;

bodies bodied bodied bodying 第三人称单数: bodies


  • 1、

    a discussion of how the mind and body interrelate


  • 2、

    The body had been badly mutilated.


  • 3、

    an organized body of workers


  • None, nobody 和no one真的可以互换吗?

    The indefinite pronouns nobody and no one are often mixed up with the pronoun none. The first two words are both singular pronouns and synonymous, but none can be either singular or plural.不定代词nobody和no one常与代词n


    body的音标,body怎么读,body是什么意思? body的音标:英 [ˈbɒdi] 美 [ˈbɑːdi] body的词义:n.身体;主体;躯体;躯干;尸体;死尸vt.赋予形体body的第三人称单数: bodiesbody的复数: bodiesbody的现在分词: bodyingbody的过去式: bodie
    Nude body painting exhibits in Time Square

    Nude body painting exhibits in Time Square

    Photo shows approximately 200 nude models putting themselves on display as part of a nude body painting exhibit in the middle of Times Square. (Photo: The public nudity was part of New York City artist Andy


    寒颤的英文:a body shaking; a cold shiver; the shakes参考例句:It chilled her usually courageous spirit.这使她永不胆怯的心灵寒颤起来。A deadly chill went to Hucks heart.一阵剧烈的寒颤侵袭着哈克心头。Andrea did more than


    护卫的英文:bodyguardconvoyescortsquiretake up the gauntlet参考例句:The strong man was hired to squire the old lady那个大汉受雇护卫这位老妇人。A yeoman of the guard.侍卫护卫侍从Defend yourself with your right.要用右手护

    Lawmakers and the political advisory body are holding discus

    Lawmakers and the political advisory body are holding discussions on major political, economic and social issues. Poverty alleviation was high on the agenda when President Xi Jinping joined

    Valcke fired by FIFA governing body

    The world governing body of football announced on Wednesday that it has fired its secretary general, Jerome Valcke. The Frenchman had been suspended from all activities relating to the sport in October when the FIFA ethi
    英语新闻:body cleansing service for deceased

    英语新闻:body cleansing service for deceased

    英语新闻:Shanghai provides body cleansing service for deceasedAn employee of Shanghai Funeral Service Cooperation demonstrates a new service, body restoration of the deceased, on Dec 18, 2013. The service includes body


    visit v. 拜访,访问,探望 A lot of friends visited me while I was in the hospital.我住院时有很多朋友来看我。Have you ever visited Beijing?你去过北京吗?wish v. 希望,想要I wish I were as rich as Bill Gates.我希望我象比尔
    First Female Bodyguards’ Training

    First Female Bodyguards’ Training

    An instructor from the Tianjiao Special Guard/Security Consultant Co Ltd shows female recruits how to subdue an attacker during a training session for China's first female bodyguards in Beijing Jan 13, 2012. According to